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Websites: Ministries I highly recommend! The extensive and long established ministry of Joe Dallas for the restoration of sexual purity from homosexuality and other sexual sin. I highly recommend you check this website out and sign up for Joe’s blog! The ministry website of Rosaria Butterfield, whose conversion in 1999 took her from the life of a lesbian feminist professor at Syracuse University, to a pastor’s wife and Christian home-school mom. You should have this site bookmarked to go back to often.   Stephen Bennett lived the gay lifestyle 12 years.  Came out through Jesus Christ and is a new creature in Christ.  Has a wonderful ministry with his wife, Irene.  Check his testimony and ministry.  Also, phone counseling available.  A good fit with BOHM!  International ministry of Sy Rogers:  a sexually abused, homosexual, transexual man who found freedom in Christ.  His testimony, teaching, videos, etc.  Educational as well.

A link to get a free resource by Focus on the Family titled  “How to Talk to Your Children about Homosexuality:  A Parent’s Guide”.  This guide can help parents address one of the most challenging political, social, moral and personal topics of our day. And while this resource is designed for parents, the principles, real-life scenarios and possible responses are equally useful for grandparents, Sunday school teachers and Christians who have children in their care.  Para church ministry located in South Florida to help those struggling with sexual brokenness find freedom through the grace of God.  Healing from domestic violence through Christ.  Brooke Donnelly’s website… from punk lesbian to child of God. – Tools to learn how to study the Bible and many Bible studies to purchase from “the inductive Bible study people”.  God’s Word is living and active and should be the foundation for change.  Learn how to study your Bible inductively like Ruth did

Links to recommended articles/blog posts:

My Train Wreck Conversion/Christianity Today  by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield    As a leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then I somehow became one.

Coming Out by Pastor Claude  Balanced post on what a Christian is to do when we do not support the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transvestites and Transgender (LGBTs) agenda that is making vast inroads in our American society.

Books by other authors I recommend:

For those who struggle with homosexuality and for those interested in helping the homosexual to heal.
Coming Out of Homosexuality by Bob Davies and Lori Rentzel

For those interested in a biblical and compassionate response to same-sex attraction.  Every Christian should have this in their library.                                                                                               The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality – Joe Dallas & Nancy Heche, General Editors

For family, friends, pastors, neighbors, and same-sex attracted men and women – questions often asked.
101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality by Mike Haley

For those who learn of a loved one’s homosexuality.
When Homosexuality Hits Home by Joe Dallas
Someone I Love Is Gay by Anita Worthen & Bob Davies

For help equipping children in the truth about homosexuality.  How to Talk to Your Children about Homosexuality: A Parent’s Guide by Jeff Johnston

For those struggling with same sex attractions ( women).
Restoring Sexual Identity by Anne Paulk

For those desiring to know the truth about the Gay Christian movement.
A Strong Delusion by Joe Dallas

For those desiring to understand how Pro-Gay advocates misread the Bible.                   The Gay Gospel by Joe Dallas

For those who have been rejected, abandoned and abused.
Dorie: The Girl Nobody Loved by Dorie Van Stone

For those who have been emotionally, physically and/or sexually abused and desire healing.
No Place to Cry by Doris Van Stone and Erwin W. Lutzer

For those desiring healing from hurts… a Bible study God has used to heal many!
Lord Heal My Hurts by Kay Arthur

Outstanding book on what living faith is… using truth from the Scriptures and her life’s experiences.                                                                                                                       Faith Is Not a Feeling…Taking God At His Word by Ney Bailey

For understanding and deliverance from emotional dependency.                                 Emotional Dependency (a booklet) by Lori Rentzel

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