Do Not Be Deceived

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Hello again! It’s been too long since I’ve posted here. Time to get back at it and keep at it!

Lately, I’ve been pondering all the deception going on around us. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, because the ruler of this world has been a deceiver since the beginning of time. It seems to be the way of the world, as in the political arena, for example. Politics 101 these days seems to be all about deception. Deception in the political arena, or in the media is one thing, but deception in the body of Christ? Yes, and it grieves me! Recently, I looked up in a Bible concordance how many times these words were used: deceive(d), deception, delude(d), delusion, and so on. Let’s just say it was LOTS! So, it’s my guess all this deception doesn’t take God by surprise. He’s tried to warn us, guide us, direct us by His truth.

Do not be deceived, there is a fierce spiritual battle going on for the souls of men and women. And the master deceiver, the devil, is working overtime to keep his grip on those in bondage to homosexuality and his main tool of deception is the pro-gay theology, now making great inroads in the church.

The gay-Christian movement has made its way into mainstream evangelicalism where many churches have gone “seeker sensitive”… have gone away from teaching the whole counsel of God… and are “emergent” in their thinking. The pro-gay theology (gay gospel) is accepted in these churches, as it fits right in with their revisionist thinking and teaching of the Bible.

In 1988, when I was born again, coming out of a 15-year lesbian lifestyle, there was not the deception in this area that there is today. The foundation for my freedom from homosexuality and the ultimate restoration of heterosexual attractions, feelings, and identity was Jesus and the Word and fellowship with bible-believing born again Christians. I wanted God’s will for my life; not my same-sex attractions/feeling. So, I trusted God and His precious promises and by faith believed He would finish the work He started in me. The same-sex attractions and desires didn’t go away for a couple years. Was I going to take God at His word, or walk according to my feelings and my circumstances. Because God’s Word said it was sin and a lifestyle (among others) that is not for the Christian (1Cor. 6: 9-10), I chose to trust God. It is really a faith and a heart issue. And, I had the hope of the Scriptures, especially 1Corinthians 6: 11: “And such were some of you” (I couldn’t believe the Bible actually tells us the homosexual can change!)… so I believed God would heal me, if I did things His way!!

The deception of the gay-Christian movement affects both the homosexual and the loved one or friend of the struggler. As I talk to believers, I find they are not sure how to respond to those in their life who identify as gay/Christians, who usually have a sophisticated set of arguments to defend their lifestyle.

How would you respond to the following pro-gay arguments?
• If you think homosexuality is wrong, how do you explain me? I’m born again and I’m gay, and I take my Christian life just as seriously as you do.
• I love Jesus and God loves me just as I am.
• The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality the way you think it does. They didn’t understand it. We’ve only learned about sexual orientation and being born gay the past 100 years.
• Adultery is something you choose to do; I didn’t choose to be homosexual.
• How come you’re so against homosexuality. If Jesus thought homosexuality was important, don’t you think it’s strange He said nothing about it.
• The holiness code in Leviticus was for Israel. And the homosexuality God condemned was temple prostitution.
• Most people who quote the Bible to gays are homophobic, and they’re using the Bible as an excuse to hate us.
• If God thinks badly of my committed relationship with my lover, why do I feel His presence every week in my church.

How’d you do? Could you respond in grace and love… or yes, and in truth? Need more time?

Think about it until next time!!!

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Deceived

  1. This topic continues to heat up in the media, and the culture at large. People are confused and being pushed and pulled by so many voices. Praise the Lord Ruthie that you are speaking forth truth into this, bringing much needed clarification. Your testimony from that Sunday at CC went out on cable this past weekend, may the Lord use it in multiple ways. I got a call from a man who saw it and wanted the DVD because of his daughter’s lifestyle. Bless you dear…mare d.

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