Biblical Love and Knowledge a Must

We’ve been looking at the necessity of speaking the truth in love and what that really entails.  I hope you read the last post and watched Pastor Bob’s five minute video.  As Christians, may our hearts be the same as his and may our churches deal with the issue through biblical love as his does.  May we be ready to help anyone who comes to us struggling and not liking the lifestyle and wondering if there is a chance they can change.  Our answer must be yes, yes, yes!  But we then must have the knowledge necessary to give biblical advice and direction.  There are thousands of us who had identified ourselves as homosexual, but by the grace of God were able to move forward to real change and healing.

Please keep in mind that as the world is preaching more and more that homosexuality is normal and simply an alternative lifestyle… God is brokenhearted about it.  Doesn’t God love the homosexual?  Yes, He does, but it’s not what He has for them. We must be careful not to let our sympathy and compassion for those caught-up in the lifestyle or for those who have been struggling for years with same-sex attractions/feelings, to take us away from the truth of our faith.  Nor should our sympathy for the struggler cause us to doubt whether they can change; and due to lack of knowledge, remain clueless how to respond to their claims. 

Not all homosexuals that you come in contact with are going to be seeking change and might be quite ugly at any mention of change.  They will defend their lifestyle with a passion.  They may tell you, they have known they were gay since they were 4 years old… that they’ve never had attractions for the opposite-sex.  They asked Jesus into their life, but continued to struggle with same-sex attractions for years.  Now they believe God loves them and they don’t need to change… because Jesus never taught it was wrong in the Gospels.  They have the gay theology down pat.  Would you know how to refute their twisting of certain scriptures.   Perhaps you declare “you were not born homosexual… you chose to be homosexual” and they respond, “that’s not true; I’ve always struggled with these unwanted same-sex attractions/feelings; I didn’t choose them; so I finally came to grips with who I am… to try and change the homosexual is wrong and harmful!”

As I minister to other Christians, I find that many feel inadequate to minister in this area.  Why?  Because the Bible alone does not give them all the knowledge that is needed to answer all the questions and remarks thrown at them from a struggler or someone defending their lifestyle.  Also, they have never personally known someone who God has changed.  As I end this post, may I ask an important question?  Are you willing to prepare yourself to minister in this area? 

You need not feel inadequate.  Check out the resource page of my website for help; you’ll find a link for my book, Love Flowed Down, that you’ll find very helpful as I share my testimony and what I learned that helped me come out and be changed.  I’ve listed other ministries and books that can prepare you.  Biblically based help is available for individuals and churches.  How’s your heart?  Are you willing to gain the knowledge necessary to minister the truth to someone you know and love who is homosexual?  Or to be prepared for the struggler God may soon bring into your life.  I pray you are!