Loving vs. Unloving

Christians often hear and speak the phrase, “speak the truth in love”.  The Bible calls for a balance between what many people think are two opposing reactions – condemnation and compassion.  The truth is that they are both essentials of Biblical love.  When we interact with strugglers and their sympathizers, whether Christian or non-Christians, we must affirm what the Bible says about homosexuality; it is sin.  But as we share the truth, we show compassion for and love to the struggler. We hope for conviction, so they will turn from sin and embrace the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

I am so grateful the person who witnessed to me used Biblical love, as she told me my lifestyle was wrong and yet showed me compassion and love.  To close out this post, I’ve included a short video clip by Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale that illustrates “speaking the truth in love”.  It’s really a heart issue.  What is your heart speaking to you?  Will it please God?