Looking For Truth

 Is all homosexual behavior wrong; or is it just promiscuous relationships without love and commitment?  Is it an acceptable option for a Christian? Here is a quote from a man who was seeking answers to these questions.

“I faced this question about the biblical perspective on homosexuality.  As an eighteen-year-old college freshman, I discovered an impressive array of books on homosexuality at the university library… As I read page after page of arguments justifying same-sex practices, my mind wanted so much to believe the words I was reading.  If only I could really embrace this viewpoint, I thought, all of the conflict I feel inside would be resolved.”

But, as hard as I tried to block it out, a stronger conviction refused to budge from my conscience:  This book is wrong.  These arguments are wrong.  Homosexuality is wrong!

Tears of frustration came to my eyes as I realized that, no matter how much time I spent reading why homosexuality was an acceptable option for the Christian, I would never be able to believe it.  I knew too much about the biblical stand on sex outside of marriage.  Whether sex occurred between an unmarried man and woman or between two same-sex partners, the activity would always be fornication or adultery.  No amount of justification or argument would change God’s standard.

So, I had a clear choice to make:  Would I obey God’s Word, or seek to reinterpret it in order to fulfill my sexual desires?”  (This quote is taken from “Coming Out of Homosexuality” by Davies and Rentzel, p. 21.)

My question to you, is what do you think?