Change You Can Believe In

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about change… change you can believe in.  In my previous post, I shared that the love of Jesus changed my life.  Actually, there are thousands of men and women like me, who were homosexual and are now heterosexual.  These testimonies are real and powerful and they, like me, would not hesitate to tell you that through Jesus, they have experienced change you can believe in.  Jesus must be your Lord and Savior, which means allowing Him to take control of your life.  I wanted Jesus to take control of my life; I had only made a mess of it.  All of us who have experienced this change, know it is a process that you go through with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

Now, you may be thinking I have read or have heard that trying to change a homosexual or a person struggling with same-sex attractions is harmful to the individual.  Or perhaps you’ve heard that it doesn’t really work.  There is a marketing of homosexuality that is being sold to us through various media outlets by those who have an agenda of deception and people continue to fall for their deception.  It doesn’t matter that thousands of us have experienced this real change.  Many people are not even aware of that reality.  And please understand; it isn’t hateful to talk about change or desire change for the homosexual.  It’s quite the opposite; it is for love that I (and others who have come out of homosexuality), want it known that true change is possible.  Many homosexuals at one time or another are not happy and deeply unsatisfied living the lifestyle; but they think they have no choice.  These are the people I call strugglers.  I want any struggler of same-sex attractions to know that they have a choice, just as I did!

So, how did I, when I was a struggler, begin the change process?  First, I understood I was a sinner and needed a Savior to bridge the gap between a holy God and sinful me.  By faith, I believed that Jesus died for my sin, and I repented of my sin and asked Jesus to take control of my life.  This is the most important step for real change, but it can also be the biggest roadblock for many.  Why?  They want God but not Jesus.  Here’s the truth.  John 14:1 says “believe in God; believe also in Me”.  You can only come into a personal relationship with God through Jesus.  The next important step in change, is to take God at His Word (the Bible).  That means I had to agree with God that homosexuality is wrong.  I didn’t let the same-sex attractions cause me to stumble when they didn’t go away for a few years.  After Paul listed homosexuality with other lifestyle sins, he declares, and “such were some of you”.  (1 Cor. 6:9-11)  Paul was confirming change had taken place in some homosexuals lives.  I remember how excited I was when the truth of that verse first hit home in my thinking.  The last key thing I learned early on that I must do throughout the change process… and really until I get to heaven, is I must walk by the Spirit and I will not fulfill the lusts or desires of the flesh (my natual lusts or desires).  This was essential so as not to act upon the same-sex attractions until they were gone.  I wanted to please God and I knew that in His time, He would heal me… and He did.  As early as possible, it is helpful to get an understanding of the underlying unmet needs and emotional issues in your life that lead to same-sex attractions developing, so you can give it all to God for healing. 

Are you seeking change or seeking the truth about change to help a struggler.  Please understand that change you can believe in, comes from a Person rather than a method.  When you surrender your life to Jesus and pursue knowing and loving Him, the process of change will begin and will be completed.  You can be confident that He who begins a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it!  (Philippians 1:6)